Will Blockchain really take over the world ...?

Together, we’ll explore its potential and whether it's for you. 


Blockchain (the technology behind the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies) has an exciting future that promises to radically change business relationships.  This, and other cryptographic technologies, came to prominence during the dramatic Cryptocurrency boom of 2017-18 but its application goes way beyond digital currencies. See our FAQ via the Information page link.

Over the coming years the technology, developed ten years ago now, will disrupt business sectors, bypass supply chains, introduce new business models and bring major benefits to end users.  We will see winners and losers in the marketplace.


Many organisations will respond too slowly, missing some of the benefits.  On the other hand, others will move too quickly, before properly considering their strategy and the risks.  Well-judged timing is as important as ever so our practical consulting approach will nail it.

There are now thousands of Crypto coins & tokens and a growing number of smart contract platforms.  Many are based on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology but others take different approaches.  We help you assess whether they pose an opportunity or a risk – now or not yet. 


We've teamed up with The Crowd Funding Center to offer our Blockchain Business Case programme.  It works with you to explore the benefits.  Beyond the hype, is there a concrete opportunity?  What would it mean for you, your customers and your suppliers?  Our programme introduces you to blockchain and other crypto technologies.  It looks at where nascent industry is at and forthcoming developments.  The output is an assessment of the opportunities and risks for your organisation and the likely timescale.  This will allow you to start evaluating a business case in more detail or to identify future triggers that will flag the time to look again. 


The programme, new for 2018, centres on two workshops, with scoping in advance and a report/plan at the end. 


•  Inputs – together we collate information about your business strategy, your IT strategy and the current blockchain industry in your sector

•  Workshops – we open up the possibilities and the criteria for assessment, then qualify them and narrow them back down to practical, valuable opportunities

•  Outputs – a short report is produced together with the shape of a business case to be developed, the associated risks and a look at any new skills you need on board

This moment will shape your Crypto journey.  Embark on the journey with us – together we’ll explore the future and plan the next steps in your success. 

We also support high growth technology businesses.  There is so to do to keep a successful business on track once it starts growing quickly.  Read about our support for High Tech High Growth.


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