Healthcare is about people as much as pathways ... 

It's challenging to find a consensus on the balance of care and cost.

The NHS is wrestling with the challenges of increasing patient demand, the adoption of new technology, resource constraints and the delivery of efficiencies. These are particularly acute in the management of Long Term Conditions, which consume the majority of the NHS budget and a large portion of Local Authority resources, particularly for older people.

Success will ultimately lead to better health outcomes at lower cost but it requires nothing less than the transformation of health and social care as we know it.  It will require the reconfiguration of hospital services, effective working between community health and social care, greater prevention and a ramp up of telehealth & technology.

However, service redesign is always a complex process. Many stakeholders are involved (patients, carers, clinicians, commissioners, suppliers ...), each with their own ideas for meeting the changing demands and addressing the pressures.  Aligning them all can be a challenge - but there is a better way!

A new approach has been pioneered for use by partners across health and social care.  At its heart is a collaborative service redesign process supported by cloud-based apps. These capture and re-engineer care pathways for a specific conditions (eg. Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, COPD).  Using them, stakeholders consider alternative service options and the most promising redesigns are discussed and refined.  Once the best option has been identified, there is already a service blueprint, the data for a business case and much of the stakeholder alignment has already been achieved. 
These informed choices are a solid foundation for implementation planning and approval.  The process reduces the time to initiate change and provides an agreed way to measure the real impact.  The approach and apps are
available for development projects in 2018.

For a short summary, click here: a Collaborative Change Platform for Health & Social Care or for a longer 4-page summary, see the document Patients Not Pathways.  On Youtube, you can view the LTC Redesign Case Study Overview and the LTC app simulation demo.

Call us for more information.  We also offer this approach to support our healthcare, academic and industry partners at The UK Ethos Partnership - see the November 2017 White Paper here

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