The top talent wins the race … 

Believe it or not, the best people are the best ones to work with.  


Touchpoint Talent (the recruitment arm of Touchpoint Change) provides great people to work with you on an interim or permanent basis.  Each search is led by an experienced Director personally, offering a wide range of talent to help you develop your business, for instance in business change, project management, IT and support services.  We zero in on the right candidates with more speed and less hassle.  Working closely with you, we clarify the qualities you need - the experience, knowledge, qualifications, personality and values.  We send you a small number of candidates, every one of which could perform well so all you need to do is decide which is your favourite.  We offer two cost-effective ways to help:


•  When you've got a job to do and need a specialist to do it, you need an Interim Manager.  A good value solution to bolster your business

•  When you need a new team member who's going to fit right in, you need a permanent recruit.  A long-term solution at a lower long-term cost

We have a friendly, creative and thorough approach to understand your needs and work hard to find the right fit with your team.  We are easy to do business with and ensure an accurate match with your brief, giving you a tough choice of who to select. 


Put us to the test - our clients say we are able to find great candidates with niche skills where others struggle. If you have a tricky role to fill, that's a good time to try us out.


We look forward to working with you!



Jayne Bressington (Associate Director, Touchpoint Talent Recruitment).

Helping you transform your business ... 

Touchpoint Change (Manchester office) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192 or 

Or contact Jayne Bressington (Bristol office) on 07585 807100. 

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