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AI is a revolution but the disciplines of change remain.  AI projects must be properly integrated.

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"A study I did with MIT and Boston Consulting Group tested workers using ChatGPT version 4. There was a 42% improvement in quality and they worked 26% faster, leading to 12.5% more work done. GPT also beat them on practical innovative ideas, as voted by the workers themselves!" Prof. Ethan Mollick, AI guru, 2023.

Every Business Leader needs an AI vision to set direction and an AI strategy to plan the practical next steps.  We are here to help you understand the possibilities and embrace them successfully.  Let us take you through the project process and power you on the next stage of your journey.  We offer personal support (AI Launchpad), project support (3i’s workshops) and corporate support (fractional AI Leads). And do ask about our free taster workshop!

At Touchpoint Change Consulting, we focus on one thing – we help your people transform your business. There are so many exciting opportunities in the world of Generative AI, which has suddenly become a powerful, practical tool for every organisation.  We work with large and small organisations to set out robust plans for change and then bring them to life.

Read on to learn more about the monthly 'AI Launchpad' subscription for AI learning and personal project support; a month of input for the typical price of a day's training!  Also our unique 3i workshop process (inform, imagine, initiate) to explore your AI opportunties and our part-time AI Leads as a catalyst for your organisation.

"An excellent introduction on how charities could utilise AI. A number of practical examples were demonstrated and tips given on how to interrogate AI. Thanks for providing such an interesting webinar."  Julian Greenaway, Cranfield Trust Charity Advisor/Consultant.

“A wonderful and accessible event for those new to AI and those already using it.”            “The session was great and opens my eyes to the outside world.”            “That was a great overview of what's happening - targeted into our sector. “            “Great and informative content which opened my eyes to the real breadth of AI possibilities for us”            “Excellent webinar, really useful; took away lots of ideas and fear AI less”            “This was straightforward, and to the point, session showing some immediate practical applications. Highly recommended."

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AI Introduction

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The AI Launchpad

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Our famous 3i workshops

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Your fractional AI Lead

Employ a change catalyst

When the time is not yet right for introducing AI, we offer high-impact change management expertise. Work with us to assess your business strategy, assess change readiness, establish a change strategy and move swiftly on to change delivery. We have extensive expertise in programme setup, process improvement, team development and instituting a culture of continual improvement. Our specialists have worked for organisations like yours for many years and bring a wealth of experience. References are available on request.

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Change Strategy

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Change Initiation

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Change Delivery

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Change Recovery

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“This was a very useful introduction to AI, it was great to hear about all the different uses AI provides and how to incorporate them into my own work life.”            “Great insights that I can talk back to the charity, evaluate and use - thanks,”            “A very practical and informative event that gives an extra dimension to my conversations with charities."             “Very interesting webinar, a must for 'newbies' to the AI world”            “An excellent webinar - with easily understood and relevant information, which also showed the breadth and flexibility of AI. Everyone should see this.”            “Amazing session encouraging charities to get started with AI”            “Not sure if this is helpful, but just that it was a fascinating session - the amount I have learnt in just an hour, and now feel very inspired and energized to go away, be curious, and see how AI can work for us.”

Our people

Person 1

James Crawford

AI and Organisation Transformation Lead

James Crawford

Role: Director, AI and Transformation Consulting

Experience: 30 years

Skills: AI programmes, Ethical AI, Change strategy, Change delivery, Organisation development, Lean service/process improvement. Oversees the collaboration with Liverpool University Management School to define a framework of AI apps and services.


Ketan Varia

Associate Consultant

Ketan Varia

Role: Associate Consultant and Author of ‘The Art of Transformational Change’

Experience: 25 years

Skills: Business transformation, Complex change management, Lean based process improvement, Technology Implementation, Coaching and Training.

                                                                   James Crawford LinkedIn Profile

Our approach

Our role involves demystifying AI, exploring its possibilities and integrating it seamlessly into your operations. We are pragmatic, helping you to adopt practical solutions.  We don’t just introduce AI, we help you exploit it to achieve your goals.

Since 2006 we have been seeking out pragmatic opportunities to make a difference to your business.  There are many triggers for change but from 2024, Generative AI is arguably the most profound, with a huge impact for you and your customers.   We’re at the forefront of a business revolution.

Generative AI will be able to perform between 10% - 50% of many office jobs, increasing productivity. That is a huge benefit, but of course it doesn't all translate into direct cost savings!  Our aim is not just to introduce AI, but to seek the best way to integrate it into your business operations.  We understand the power of AI, from streamlining operations to enhancing customer experience.  We navigate the risks with you and explore the opportunities to bring them to life.

We look forward to helping you harness its power.

Let's get started

What are your next steps ... ?

To really get some traction, we recommend our engaging AI introduction workshops with a unique 3-step process: Inform, Imagine, Initiate. It is designed to create a vision for the deployment of AI functionality and a strategy that maps out the way forward.

By that point you will be well-placed to make the right decisions as customer expectations increase, business pressures evolve and your team embarks on its own AI journey.

Beyond that we can work closely with you as a part-time AI Lead, being a focal point for learning and a catalyst for change. The role of an AI Lead will be bespoke to your organisation, to complement the skills, capabilities and roles that you already have. Skills transfer to your internal team is a ital element as your aI journey progresses and becomes an integral part of your organisations's evolution.

We also have an AI Launchpad, a collaborative service designed to bring individuals in your team up to speed with AI and get off to a good start with their initial activities. For a simple monthy fee, they gain access to online learning events, peer group drop-ins and support and an AI helpline for 1:1 support. It is a cost effective way of getting started, with help on hand when needed. Much better value than a single day's course!

AI will collide with the very core of our businesses, often in surprising ways. In 2023 we published an article on changes in the automotive market in the 2020s, which will be profound. The ripples of three simultaneous trends will combine to overwhelm many existing businesses. They are already spawning multi-billion dollar start-ups, ready to sweep away incumbents (click here).

Also see our article on AI as your work friend, loving the jobs you hate (click here). And our article that introduces generative AI and what it can do to help you in the office (click here). See also our back catalogue of articles since 2006 (click here).

What is AI and why is it powerful?

Types of AI

The product of over 60 years of research, there are now dozens of types of AI. From medical imaging to self driving cars, e-commerce recommendation engines, smart home speakers, research tools and now human-level text, speech, image and video. The latter is made possible by the creation of Large Language Models that encompass the entirety of knowledge on the Internet coupled with an uncanny ability to generate artwork and natural language conversations in any human style required, with flair. There are almost infinite possibilities.

Our collaboration with Liverpool University and the LCR4 programme keeps us at the forefront of AI application. We developed a service framework that links different types of organisation/function with the best and most appropriate AI apps available.

Benefits of Generative AI

Incorporating AI into your service operations can bring numerous advantages.

* Increased productivity and reduced costs: AI can automate tasks currently performed by overworked employees. It can create optimized work plans based on staff availability, reducing the time spent on scheduling and reporting. Then it can update these plans in real-time when absences occur.

* Exciting changes and increased innovation: AI can generate ideas and solutions rapidly, enabling you to stay ahead and meet customer expectations. Imagine a comprehensive strategy document that builds on your current strengths, knowledge of all your competitors, and every published customer survey in existence, all prepared within minutes instead of days, to kickstart your analysis.

Further benefits of AI

* Enhanced customer experience: more personalized and timely customer service, leading to greater customer loyalty. For example, AI can produce real-time responses to customer enquiries, reducing the time spent on routine interactions. It can also generate targeted sales offers based on customer data and the sentiment in the current interaction, leading to higher conversion rates.

Employ AI wisely and your people will be diverted from admin to more vital tasks. You could see a 30% increase in operational efficiency and a 20% improvement in customer experience [according to McKinsey and Accenture research].

In January 2024, the IMF’s AI And The Future Of Work report estimated that “about 60 percent of jobs are exposed to AI, due to prevalence of cognitive-task-oriented jobs. About half may be negatively affected by AI, while the rest could benefit from enhanced productivity through AI integration”.

Responsible AI, the Touchpoint way

As regulation and best practice take shape in 2024, we keep abreast of it to inform your organisation developments and projects. The impact of AI on society will be significant so it is vital for all of us to think through the impact of the changes we introduce and ensure that it is a win-win-win for all stakeholders as far as possible.

Two of the groups to consider are our organisation colleagues and our customers. Colleagues must feel that they are treated fairly and are well equipped to adopt the AI tools and processes. They will be acutely aware of how business changes affect customers and will have a view on how your services should develop in a responsible manner. The best organisations will discuss these transformational changes in aan open and transparent manner, as we will all have to adjust to a different work ethos over the coming years.

We work with large and small organisations to set out robust plans for change and then bring them to life. We are here to help you understand the possibilities and embrace them successfully.

Stay informed and explore the possibilities by calling us or filling in the Contact Form below.

Learn more about AI and develop your skills

There is a wide variety of news, analysis and learning available on the Internet.

Most businesses already have people using AI in their work, some in a company project and others by personal initiative. We can point them in the right direction to continue their learning journey and explore how to apply it effectively to your organisation's unique services and setting.

Meanwhile, this is a good introduction to Generative AI from the Royal Institution at the end of 2023 (1 hour long).

A good 1-hour course on prompt engineering (indermediate level, to get the best out of your use of Chat GPT) is still available (for free at the time of writing!) - click here.

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