Have a clear destination, good balance and your eye on the ball … 

Setting out right is the most important part of change.


All circumstances are unique so every change is unique.  A plan may be linear but there will be unexpected twists and turns along the way so it pays to start with a robust but flexible strategy and a well-considered plan.  Change starts with a clear and compelling vision that everyone in the organisation can get behind.  There must be a real drive behind it - overcoming the practices of the past is no small challenge and the journey into the future always carries uncertainty.  We can provide ideas, energy and methods in a range of areas:


•  Organisation strategy – identifying opportunities, pressures & new regulations, evaluating the possibilities & risks, business planning and ensuring that the front line services are properly balanced by support services such as HR, IT, finance, legal, commercial and quality management

•  Change design – designing the process of change, including stakeholder management, leadership development, strategy/policy deployment, programme planning and initial risk management

•  Culture change – taking the 'temperature' of the organisation, researching employee and customer perceptions, defining the desired culture and managing the transition.  Mapping the informal networks that make the organisation work may be a useful tool for this


In every organisation there is an opportunity for performance improvement and cost reduction.  This involves understanding the critical outcomes for stakeholders, simplifying processes, up-skilling staff, exploiting technology and instilling a culture of improvement.  A good starting point is our performance review.  In one week we'll  identify good practice to build on, areas for improvement, skills to develop and how to exploit previous investments.  Team members work together to see the business in a new holistic way and generate a prioritised plan for improvement that they will own and deliver.  There are typical benefits for:


•  Your customers – improved customer journey, better experience and retention, higher market share

•  Your centre – expanded or consolidated effectively, optimised use of outsourcers

•  Your efficiency – improved first contact resolution, lower cost per contact, less waste

•  Your people - better recruitment, improved engagement, morale, productivity & performance



Building the right foundations for change is vital, but that luxury is not always available.  When things go awry, we can conduct assessments or audits – this may include a programme review to assess the priorities for the next phase, a strategic risk assessment or due diligence of a proposal.  We'll help you get your project back on track!

Helping you transform your business ... 

Touchpoint Change (Manchester office) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192 or info@TouchpointChange.co.uk 

Or contact Jayne Bressington (Bristol office) on 07585 807100. 

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