Make a plan, prepare for some twists and turns … 

The path of change can be unpredictable, but that's OK! 


For any project to deliver its benefits, you need good change management.  We help you negotiate the challenges through the phases of project planning, team mobilisation, development, implementation and benefits management.  We work with you to ensure that key deliverables are completed, timescales achieved, budgets hit and that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.  Our ability to integrate into your organisation and hit the ground running ensures early control of the planning and then effective delivery, saving you time and uncertainty. 


We offer flexible project managers and facilitators for anything between a month and a year. This includes:


•  Programme management – taking a pragmatic approach and phasing the changes against your priorities

•  Project management – delivering each change successfully to the agreed scope, quality, time and cost

•  Programme Management Office (PMO) – planning and reporting all of the change activity to manage risk and ensure success

•  Stakeholder management – gaining the full support and input from everyone who has a stake in the initiative

•  Assurance – offering an independent, objective view of how things are going and what could be done differently

•  Troubleshooting – understanding what went wrong, root cause analysis, how to recover it and distilling lessons learned for the future


During an assignment, Touchpoint Change will work with your internal change management function and transfer skills to your existing staff so that continuity is established.  We have managed projects across the UK, Europe and Africa and can deliver internal or outsourced projects.

Helping you transform your business ... 

Touchpoint Change (Manchester office) - contact James Crawford on 0777 55 90192 or 

Or contact Jayne Bressington (Bristol office) on 07585 807100. 

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